Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Batilda...batty witch, a OOAKS in the Witches Series

I was sitting on my porch one moon lite night and heard a rustling noise coming from my garden. I quietly made my way over to it and peek down under the azalea bush and much to my surprise I saw a tiny bat....not just any bat but a batty witch. She looked up at me and very softly said, "Look into my crystal ball and I will tell your future".

Batilda is made using a strong wire armature and then covered in a soft body. Face, partial torso, hands and feet are hand sculpted out of Prosculpt clay without the use of any molds. The eyes are handmade, handset and then painted using acrylic paints. Her outfit is made from vintage fabrics. Her hair is Tibetan lambswool (sheared) Her crystal ball sits upon a real Sterling silver plate. The old tree truck is half preserved wood and half sculpted clay to enhance it's "creepy" appearance. Her wings are hand sewn, embroidered and then decorated using tiny seed and crystal beading. She is a true OOAKS (one of a kind sculpt) and will not be remade.

If you are interested in letting Batilda come and live with you, please email me for additional information.

Warning: Artist will not be responsible for any crystal ball readings that don't come true.

Until next time......Hugs,