Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Seagreen, captured mermaid, A ooaks in the Angels of the Sea Series

Price: $ 95.00 plus shipping

I designed this mermaid to remind us of the dangers that some of our fishing practices cause. A mermaid is a fictional being, unless you believe, but there are real creatures being caught up in fishing nets. They are mangled and or killed. We need to pay closer attention to how we use our planet...how we harvest our food from the sea...protect all living things that might become entangled in that harvest. If we don't then more than just the mermaid may become a fictional being for our children.

Seagreen is fully sculpted from Cernit clay without the use of any molds. She has a strong wire armature underneath. Her face is hand painted using acrylic paints. Her tail is painted using fine MICA powders. Her hair is dyed Tibetan lambswool (sheared). She hangs in a jute fishing net attached to a sculpted wooden beam. The beam has a wire armature underneath and is sculpted out of Prosculpt clay without the use of any molds. The seagull and the wooden barrel are sculpted out of Prosculpt as well.

If you are intersted in letting Seagreen come live with you, please contact me by email for more purchasing information. Thank you for looking and remember....help save our planet. Hugs, Regi

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