Thursday, July 16, 2009

Needle felting....

This is Savannah and Benjamin....Benjamin being the bunny...of course. Savannah is one of my ooaks. She is fully sculpted with Cernit clay without the use of any molds. She has a strong wire armature underneath. Her face and eyes are hand painted using acrylic paints. Her hair is dyed Tibetan lambswool (sheared) She has a tiny beaded choker with a tiny silver dragonfly charm attached. Her outfit is part clay and part organza fabric. Her wings are made from printed organza and then embroidered to give details. The tips have tiny crystals hanging on them. She is reading a book to Benjamin. "The tales of Benjamin Bunny" It is a real book with a real story inside. Benjamin is one of my needle felt designs. He has a strong needle felted body underneath his furry fur. They are attached to a tiny star shaped paper mache box. (The box can not be opened) Price: $40.00 plus shipping

This is BoBo....I designed him from one of God's lil creatures. He is a Golden Tamarin...lovingly called a Lion monkey. He is completely hand done by needle felting. Wire armature underneath and poseable. I couldn't send him off to live with my niece without making him some bananas. I made him a little beach bungalow to live in but didn't get any photos before I took him. I plan on doing more of God's lil creatures soon.

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This is baby FooFoo. She is a hand done needle felt of a floppy eared rabbit. Her tiny mouth is open so she can hold her carrot pacifer all by herself. I felted her for my six year old...he my be a boy but he loves his furry critters.

Needle felting is so much fun...with the exception of sticking your fingers with a really, really sharp needle that has tiny little prongs on the ends. BUT even with finger sticks...ok ok even with A LOT of finger's a great craft to know how to do. There are no boundries to what you can design with this art form. I tried my hand at it years ago and gave it up due to all the finger pokes and sticks...LOL...but recently picked it back up again. It's an art form that everyone can learn and any one with a good imagination can master. I DO NOT recommend it to any child under the age of 12 and then please please with adult supervision only. That's just my opinion of course but what parent would want to hear there child scream "OUCHIE... that really, really HURT".

Thank you for looking...I hope you will check back in soon as I plan on adding more needle felts to sell.

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