Thursday, July 16, 2009

Great day of playing...

Today was a wonderful day in the studio.....playing with the clay and playing puzzle games online with Chaz. It can really get frustrating when your six year old can figure how to get to the next level of a game in less than five minutes after you have been trying for over thirty. I was doing so bad that he finally told me to just get up and let him play by himself....of course I got a big hug and kiss and told that "It was alright mommie...not everyone can be smart" OMGOSH...I know he did not....ROFL!!!!!!! It worked out.....after I finished crying....from laughing so hard. He stayed up here with me and played games and I got to sculpt. There just can't be any better times that that!!!!


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  1. Oh, hey, I think I can comment withOUT signing up. Go figure! You've been doing a lot of work there Ms. Regi! Hope you keep it up! I like the hand tutorial.

    Peace Always,
    the DragonLady

    P.S. Told ya' I'd get in here!