Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mimzie and Whikit, a ooaks in the Angels of the Sea Series

Price: $ 125.00 plus shipping

Mimzie is a young mermaid who loves to explore with her pal, Whikit a bottled-nose dolphin. If you ever dive down to explore for yourself you might feel a "swoosh" go by. No worries, it is just Mimzie and Whikit having one of their races. They spend all day playing and looking for something to get into...ummm...having adventures I should have said ;)

Mimzie is a fully sculpted ooaks out of Cernit clay without the use of any molds. She has a strong wire armature underneath. Her face, eyes and detailing are hand painted using acrylic paints. Her tail and part of her torso are hand painted using fine MICA powders. Her hair is pulled wool. She wears a headpiece made from amethyst stones. She holds a starfish made from Prosculpt clay. Whikit is a fully sculpted ooaks out of Prosculpt clay. He has a strong wire and paper mache armature for added strength underneath. He is handpainted using both acrylic and MICA powders. Their base is wooden which is adorned with real shells, pearls and silks.

If you would like to have Mimzie and Whikit come live with you, please email me for purchasing information. Thank you for looking at these two characters...and I do mean "characters". Hugs!!

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