Friday, July 17, 2009

Rosebud...A Captured Faery

While working in my garden one day I saw a host of butterflies flittering about. It's not unusual to see butterflies I know but these were swooping down all in one place. I got up from my knees and went to see what all the swooping and flittering was about. I looked down into my lantana and there was the most beautiful pink butterfly I had ever seen. As I leaned down to get a closer look I pulled back in surprise. This tiny creature wasn't a butterfly at all but a wee little faery. She didn't move...she just stared up at me with huge gleaming eyes. I started to walk let her be but the real butterflies would have no part of that. They flittered and fluttered in my face so I couldn't even see to walk away. I went back over to her and leaned down and placed my hand next to hers....she stepped onto it...complete trust in her eyes. I noticed then that one of her tiny wings was broken. I quickly took her inside...mended her wings and made her a baeutiful cage for her to rest in. The cage wasn't to capture her or keep her in but to merely keep Ms. Peaches our cat OUT!!!!!
Price: $ 95.00 plus shipping
Rosebud is one of my fully sculpted ooaks made from Cernit clay without the use of any molds. She has a strong wire armature underneath. Her face is detailed with acrylic paints. Her hair is dyed Tibetan lambswool (sheared) Her wings are organza silk...embroidered for detail and tiny crystals and glass beads adorn the tips. Her outfit is part clay and part organza.
Her temporary home is a brass cage that has natural moss and silk rosebuds placed in the bottom. The top has been adorned with silk roses, greenery and ribbons. A felt padding is on the bottom of the cage to keep from scratching your furniture.
If interested in this ooaks, please email me for additional information. Thank you for looking..please check back often. Hugs, Regi

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  1. This ooaks is now in a private collection. Hope she behaves herself!!!!