Wednesday, July 15, 2009

working in studio

Today is going to be a work a play day...noooo a work day...OMGOSH...I have so much fun working that it feels like play time. Isn't life grand? ;) I'm working in a Santa head...he looks really funny right now....Mr. Skinny minny and buck just amazes me how they start out looking one way and end up looking so different. Folkes that don't clay may think this sounds weird (ok ok I admit...I'm a bit weird...LOL) but I'm not the one that decides how they turn out...each sculpt let's me know just what they want to be. That's why some will never be shown...they are just to dang SCARY!!! They do get to serve a purpose though...I get to use them to take out my frustrations...Squish..Squish!!!


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