Friday, July 31, 2009

Red Flannel Shirt.....

The red flannel soft and comfy to be wearing on a long winter night. Who would need such a shirt?? Why Santa would of course!!!! The flannel in this ooaks is actually a piece of vintage fabric. I was fortunate enough to find a box of vintage fabrics at an estate sale about a year ago. The young woman that was selling it said it had been her grandmothers and sadly out of five granddaughters not a one of them sewed. The box was a treasure found, that was for sure, for not only were there fabrics that you just can't find anymore but there were old wooden spinning bobbins with the yarn still on them. One of those has my muse just a singing.....a elf or a faery all tangled up in the yarn.......but that's for another story ;)

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