Friday, July 17, 2009

It's Friday ;)

I can't believe a week has come and gone already. Time is going by way to fast for me. Summer is almost over and Chaz will be going back to school. He is so excited....we have a First grader!!!

He informed me today that once school started that he wouldn't require (require...he actually said require) his booster seat any longer...he was a big boy...LOL!!!!!! They do grow to fast...he will be sitting in the driver's seat before we know it.

Daddy and he are at the neighbors this afternoon so I have the house all to myself. Kinda feels a bit weird to be honest with you. So I'm taking the time to do paperwork, play with the clay and write on my blog. Now if you knew me you would get kinda tickled that this shy person even had the nerve to start a blog all her own. I want it to be my selling station.....and a way to share some of my "trials and errors" in creating dolls. I hope the first tutorial I posted will be a help to someone. I plan on doing a few more along the way. I'm one that is always finding a way to use things that I have on hand and that most others will have on hand too. With the economy the way it is right now and so many having financial difficulties there is no reason that we still can't have our "therapy" time (crafting time) by using our imaginations and using things we have instead of going out and buying. Craft tools that is....listen to my voice...oops read my need to buy ooaks...dolls....faeries...Santas and an assortment of can't resist!!! I'm happy to report that I have two followers already and noooo they aren't related to me and I didn't even have to pay them to do it. ;) I do appreciate them so pass me along and let others be followers. I promise to give you all a quirky but fun adventure. Hugs,Regi

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  1. Hi ya' Ms. Regi,

    Ya' gots a nice set up in here.

    Peace Always,
    the DragonLady